Senior Mechanical Engineering Project Manager

Job description

Role Summary: Sr. Mechanical- project engineer at site will be reviewing all engineering design, drawings, plans, coordinating with general contractors, suppliers, vendors to ensure timely delivery of multiple projects including testing and commissioning of system as per Client’s requirements and company standards. He should be able to stick to the allocated budget and build reliable, quality HVAC systems.

To be successful as Mechanical project manager, he should possess an analytical mind and a high aptitude for hydraulic and control systems. 

An ideal candidate who has experience in executing hyperscale data centers, district water cooling, Air cooled and water cooled system and has done installation, testing and commissioning of multiple data centers for large customers. ( >100Mw capacity) 

Reporting to Construction & Commissioning Manager. (On site) 


  • Review drawings and calculations from design team to ensure it is fit for projects
  • Assess the delivery, installation, testing and commissioning time line for project. 
  • Raise timely concerns to project execution risks to concerned team. 
  • Get approved HVAC Shop Drawings, MEP- Coordination Drawings, Work method statement, QAP – Quality assurance plan and on-site execution, checks etc. and Project Specification from Project Engineer.
  • Coordinate with Chiller & pumps suppliers for timely delivery of equipment at site. 
  • Coordinate with contractors, vendors, logistic team for successful Receiving, unloading, safe storages, shifting and installation of all HVAC electro-mechanical equipment’s at site. 
  • Ensure the HVAC Ducts, Fittings, accessories and Child water pipes, fittings, accessories are available and approved by the Inspection department prior to installation.
  • Ensure all safety requirements and sufficient hand tools, power tools, ladder and scaffolding are available for installation.
  • Coordinate with other discipline and ensure site clearance is available to start the HVAC Activities
  • Arrange in coordination with contractors and vendors, the sufficient manpower such as Supervisor, Foreman, Duct fitter, pipe fitter, Assistant duct, and pipe fitter etc., and ensure all of them attended safety orientation and having proper PPE’s prior start installation activities at site.
  • Provide approved HVAC Shop drawing, MEP Co-ordination Drawing to site supervisor (or) Foreman
  • Prior to start HVAC activities notify to QC Personal for surveillance to ensure the quality work
  • To maintain safety of all construction HVAC and Chilled water piping activities 
  • Closely monitor site activities to ensure quality of work 
  • Preparing relevant documents to conduct inspection for completed installation activities and raise RFI to QC-Inspector 
  • Carry out all planned site inspections as per the intervention points marked in the relevant drawing and standards.
  • Preparing the relevant documents to Conduct Testing inspection such as Duct light testing for Ducts and Hydro test for Above and underground chilled water piping’s, systems.
  • Assist the Commissioning Team in Pre-commissioning & Commissioning stages of all HVAC Equipment’s.

Qualifications & Experience:

o    Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or Air conditioning system / engineering. 

o    Executed minimum one data centre from design to build.  (>100MW) 

o    Executed high-capacity water cooled system for data centres. ( 20,000- 30,000 tonnage capacity)

o    Gulf experience preferred. 


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