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Reed expertly recruits top professionals to a full spectrum of education roles.

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We know education recruitment

Our network of specialist education recruiters understands the complex requirements of the classroom, with many coming from a teaching background.

As a leading education recruitment agency, Reed’s experts are available all year round to provide support on your recruitment needs as they arise.

As well as best-in-class teaching staff across early years, foundation, primary and secondary, our office network, and access to over one million teaching professionals through the worldwide Reed database, means we can secure any staff your institution requires. From teachers to teaching assistants and intervention specialists, to all non-classroom-based roles, our team of experts can find you the staff that meets your requirements fast.

Quality and compliance are at the core of Reed’s culture. Our entire safeguarding process adheres to ‘Safer Recruitment in Education’ and ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ regulations, and we will work with you to understand the specific compliance requirements of your school or setting.

And understand your pain points...

  • ​Cost savings

    • Each time your direct hiring process is extended or doesn’t work out, your costs increase. By working with us we can save you time and money in the long run.

    • We offer a variety of service options to suit all requirements, from staged payments to help manage your cash flow to industry-leading guarantees of up to 12 months to give you that added peace of mind.

  • Handling counteroffers

    • There’s nothing worse than going through a thorough process and pinpointing the perfect recruit, only for them to accept another offer. This is a regular challenge in the current market, with professionals in high demand. They will often have several offers at any one time, as well as being counter-offered by their current employer.

    • Our experienced consultants always highlight the prospect of counteroffers throughout the engagement process with both you and your prospective employee, and take the time to assess their motivations, skills and salary expectations to ensure they are just as committed to the process as you are. We also offer you our years of knowledge and up-to-date insight into your industry, in areas such as the latest benefits and salary benchmarks. You can use this knowledge to create an overall package which stands out against your competitors.

  • Candidate suitability

    • At Reed, our consultants work in partnership with you to get a clear understanding of your business and requirements for the role. Combined with access to our extensive professional networks, candidate database and in-depth market knowledge, we ensure that the only candidates you speak to are those who will be a great fit for your position. As well as saving you time and money, this ultimately ensures you hire and retain the right professionals with the required skillset in the geographical location you desire.

  • Alleviating teacher shortages

    • With our worldwide database of over one million academic professionals, our education recruitment specialists can source education specialists for any role across the Middle East.

    • We have specialist teams who attend events in the UAE and abroad to identify early career teachers and experienced overseas teachers and expand our teaching network. On top of this, our access to specialist media/job boards and use of referrals to recruit the best teachers means we have a large network to help staff supply, temporary, interim and permanent vacancies.

  • Too many agencies to choose from

    • As the world’s largest family-run recruitment company, we have been helping to improve lives through work for over 60 years. Our specialist recruiters are well-versed in their sectors, they’re aware of the latest market trends, and have the best salary benchmarking information - all vital for finding the best candidates, promptly.

    • Our specialist recruiters will work in partnership with you and other stakeholders, using their extensive experience to ensure you get the right professionals for the task at hand. Reed’s fair, open and honest attitude to recruitment, market-leading guarantees and practice-led approach means we can help you solve your people challenges fast.

Our education specialists

Start a conversation with one of our education recruiters

Send a brief overview of your requirements and we will contact you to find out more about your needs.

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Hiring fraud: how to safeguard your organisation

​To combat the rising tide of hiring fraud, Reed Screening recently joined forces with the Better Hiring Institute and fraud prevention experts Cifas and ST Smith, to launch guidance for employers. This free, comprehensive eBook is now available to download and provides the latest insight into the gravity and scale of threat facing organisations today.

Complete with case studies highlighting common criminal activity, such as resume fraud and employment scams, the guidance offers solutions to counter these tech-based crimes, helping to protect your recruitment teams from falling victim to imposters and impersonators.

We spoke to Keith Rosser, Director of Group Risk & Reed Screening – Reed, about the new guide, Tackling hiring fraud: the response to a growing problem.