Head of Product

Job description

The Head of Product is responsible for driving the overall digital transformation agenda in the organization by developing a vision for products and implementing an agile and innovative culture to enhance digital product offerings. The role holder is also responsible for leading the team, setting and owning the vision for the product area, and collaborating with the stakeholders to ensure effective implementation and delivery of products.

Role Details – Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Product Management and Delivery
• Develop and refine the vision and business models for the organization’s digital products
• Define product priorities, product roadmaps and interdependencies, and ensure effective implementation
• Oversee the digital vision and strategy developed by product owners and provide recommendations on product roadmaps
• Oversee and monitor Digital product delivery in collaboration with Product Owners and their teams
Digital Transformation
• Collaborate with Head of Engineering and various stakeholders to develop digital capabilities guidelines including but not limited to product ownership, product design guidelines, engineering practices, etc.
• Provide regular coaching to the senior leadership and stakeholders on Digital Lab product development initiatives
• Track squads’ product management and monitor performance in order to improve product management and design practices, and provide recommendations on how to improve ways of working
Agile Digital Team Management
• Meet business demand with quality supply of Digital talent: Product owners, designers
• Propose and initiate agile teams and continuously review the right representation of all required skills in the team
• Ensure communication with COOs, committees, consultants and various stakeholder to recommend and strategies, and share innovative ideas on a regular basis
Human Capital Responsibilities
• Ensure the implementation of the performance management process
• Provide mentorship for the purpose of developing a continuous talent pipeline for key roles
• Identify training needs and coordinate with the HC department to ensure facilitation of training requirements
• Oversee the development and implementation of on the job-training
• Ensure constant availability of the required competent staff to support the organization in meeting all its responsibilities, plans, and objectives
• Provide inputs while developing Retail’s corporate policies and relevant procedures, and monitor the implementation
Disclaimer: This role description reflects the general details considered necessary to describe the principal responsibilities of the role identified and shall not be construed as an exhaustive description of all the work requirements inherent to success in the role.

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