Senior Economist

Job description

 Senior Economist
The Senior Economist reports to the Head of Economics & Strategy and will work with the HES & Executive Director to ensure the organization’s overall success. The Senior Economist will develop and oversee the organizations’ research activities and publications, supervise the work of three Economists and two Librarians, and develop and implement the organization’s personnel policies and fiscal controls.
Job Responsibilities:
• Researches and monitors economic and public policy developments that affect the region
• Assists and advises the executive director in developing both short-term responses and long-term frameworks for progressive public policies in the region
• Individually and as part of a team, researches, writes, and edits analytical reports, briefing papers, op-eds, and other written materials
• Analyzes operations and evaluates performance of the staff.
Reviews financial statements and activity reports to ensure that organization's objectives are achieved and establishes and monitors internal control procedures.
• Provides information and technical assistance to external constituencies,
Job Skills
• Proven knowledge and expertise in economic, tax, and/or budget analysis and a willingness and ability to learn quickly subjects not already known.
• Excellent writing, analytical, and quantitative skills. Strong ability to communicate technical details to lay audiences and the news media as well as technical audiences.
• Ability to initiate projects and balance multiple projects at once. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Commitment to social justice and economic equity.
Job Qualifications
• Phd in Economics, public policy, or related field
• 10-15 years experience
• Strong publication record
• Experience with staff management and non-profit finances.
• Previous experience in government, labor organizations or a nonprofit public policy agencies a plus.


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